Soda Monday@Monday, September 12, 2011,9:00 AM

Dear all!

Today is the Mid Autumn Festival. I like it when I see small children carrying lanterns around. I really adore their simplistic mind. I still celebrate this festival and even play candles during the year of 2010. Young at heart uh! Many company are coming up with great ideas and producing really unique and interesting mooncakes but traditional lotus paste with egg yolk (Single/double yolk) is still my favourite!

May you all have a good reunion with your family and friends on this special occasion. Don't forget to pair your mooncake with some tea! (:

Soda Tuesday@Tuesday, September 6, 2011,1:59 PM

Hi everyone, how are you all doing?? This will be my third week studying as a university student. Though I did not secure a position in local university and ended up in SIM, I still find lesson conducted in school enriching and interesting! This should be my final lap for my education milestones (unless I want to go further to a Masters) therefore I need to dash through and score well!

Putting that aside, I thought of opening Cutie & Cynthia and Betwo for the upcoming sprees. Oh by the way Betwo now features many shoes! So I will only post up the shoes photos. Do keep your requests coming in okay! I will really appreciate that (:
Some previews:

Cutie & Cynthia
Style 1: STRIPES is the new black!

Style 2: Fit to a TEE-Shirt

Style 3: Get a little comfy with SLEEVELESS

Style 4: Get a little FORMAL


Style 1: COVER your toes

Style 2: Flair out your FLATS

Style 3: Get a little POINTY

That's all, do support us! (:


Soda Thursday@Wednesday, August 17, 2011,3:04 PM

Dear all!

How are you all doing?? It's been quite some time since I have ever organised a spree. Much apologies for the lack of updates the previous time due to my other commitments. Now that we are back, do continue to support us. Upcoming ongoing sprees are Puffy and Sky Blue which will be up on 18th Aug @ 8.00PM.

I have always like to order from Puffy, Cutie & Cynthia Fashion and Tokyo Fashion. Not only do they offer affordable items and they have designs that suit ages like myself (I am turning 2o years old FYI!). Oh by the way, do check out Sky Blue too! Recently they featured bags that are in bold colours such as Green, Hot Pink, Purple etc which are in trend now (:

Alright babes, if you have any enquries, you can drop us an email or post a short message at our tagboard. Take care! (:


Soda Saturday@Monday, April 4, 2011,2:46 AM

Happy 2nd Anniversary Rainbow Ensemble! ^^

Time passed so fast and I didn't expect I am able to hold this blogshop for two years. I appreciate everyone's support. I am sorry for being neglectful at times as I have other commitments too. There are times whereby I wanted to give up on this blogshop but I ended not. Now that I am working as a part-timer, I would have lesser time for this blogshop. Nevertheless, it would still be a hobby of mine and I will still try my very best. Now that I have graduate from Temasek Polytechnic, hopefully I am able to secure a position in local university.

I will be going for a Phuket Trip from 5th - 8th April 2011, don't miss us too much!
Last but not least, to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary, this are the following promotions for the whole of April!

Normal Shoppers - $1 off for every $35 spent
Mailing List Shoppers - $1 off for every $25 spent
Mailing List Shoppers (Birthday Month) - $1 off for every $20 spent and a small gift from Artbox

Do e-mail us for more details! (:

Soda Sunday@Sunday, March 6, 2011,12:30 AM

It's been quite a while since I have last posted a soda! Here's a quick sum up!
4th March 2011 marks the last day of my exam paper therefore I will not be visiting Tampines for meetup anymore. This is because I am officially graduating from Temasek Polytechnic in May! I have mixed feelings on that. It is true that I would want to take a break from all the hectic schedules I have experienced during my last semester but I would miss everyone and everything! I would say that I have changed and learned a lot as an individual as compared to a freshman in Year 1. Therefore I encourage everyone not to take things for granted as time will fly away quickly without one realising. Cherish every moments! (:

Spring Collection - Tokyo Fashion and Mishop are up, do support!!



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